Lesson Examples

In the ProGen Study Group, assignments are meant to develop or sharpen useful skills for professional genealogists.

Chapter 2, Educational Preparation

  • Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and write a personal education plan.

Chapter 6, Executing Contracts

  • Write or revise your client contract.

Chapter 9, Structuring a Business

  • Develop a formal plan to guide your business.

Chapter 14, Problem Analyses and Research Plans

  • Perform a detailed analysis on a research problem and develop a formal research plan.

Chapter 15, Research Procedures

  • Create a resource guide for your locality or area of specialization.

Chapter 17, Evidence Analysis

  • Supplemental reading: “Fundamentals of Evidence Analysis” in Evidence Explained, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.
  • Evidence Analysis exercise using the “Research Process Map” found in Evidence Explained.

Chapter 18, Research Reports

  • Write a formal research report following the standards in the chapter.