ProGen Study Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Members of the ProGen Study Group gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the study group on May 2, 2018 at the National Genealogical Society conference. Angela McGhie hosted the celebration and ProGen alumni from many of the study groups attended. The mentors and coordinators of each group were recognized, as were recent graduates of the program. We were happy to have a few members of the current ProGen 36 group join us as well.

Angela kept the crowd entertained with a game of “ProGen Trivia” and rewarded those who knew the answers with small treats.  The questions were taken from Professional Genealogy and details about mentors and alumni. The game was a terrific introduction to Elizabeth’s latest editorial work, the new 2018 edition of Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice & Standards. Elizabeth Shown Mills joined us as a special guest, and even autographed books for those who were lucky enough to claim the first few copies at the conference.

The current ProGen Study Group administrator, Rebecca Koford, and several of our mentors who serve as trustees on Board for Certification of Genealogists, were able to get away from the annual BCG board meeting long enough to join our celebration and get in the group pictures.

The alumni networked with each other, won fabulous door prizes, smiled for many cameras, and enjoyed a delicious layer-cake. All alumni who attend ProGen events at other 2018 conferences and institutes will be able to receive their won ProGen 10th Anniversary buttons.

We look forward to continuing the ProGen Study Program in the future! Thank you to our MANY volunteers to make this study program possible.

ProGen Study Group mentors: Laura DeGrazia, Rebecca Koford, Stefani Evans, Jean Kelley, Patti Hobbs, Harold Henderson, Pam Sayre, LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson and Nicki Birch.


ProGen Study Group coordinators: Clarise Soper, Rebecca Koford, Carla Cegelski, Cari Taplin, Kimberly Powell, and Angela McGhie.


Elizabeth Shown Mills cutting the cake and giving the first slice to Angela McGhie.


Members of ProGen 1 through ProGen 20 who were able to attend. (Feel free to tag yourselves in the group picture on our ProGen Study Group Facebook page.)


Members of ProGen 21 through ProGen 36 who were able to attend. (Feel free to tag yourselves in the group picture on our ProGen Study Group Facebook page.)


ProGen Study Group 10th Anniversary button. These will be available for all attendees at our other ProGen events at conferences and institutes in 2018.


Playing “ProGen Trivia” with Chris Staats throwing candy prizes to the winners.



Door prizes included items such as the new Professional Genealogy PPS book, Evidence Explained, $100 off a SLIG Academy course, $50 off the SLIG Virtual Practicum course, advanced priority registration at IGHR, advanced priority registration at GRIP, $100 off a GRIP 2018 course, and many other wonderful prizes. Thank you those who donated!


Our 10th Anniversary cake was delicious!

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